List pile za petlju

List pile za petlju

Opskrba za proizvodnju alata BSP List petlje s 1 godina jamstva. posvetili smo se dijamantnim alatima dugi niz godina, pokrivajući većinu europskog tržišta. Očekujemo da ćemo postati vaš dugoročni partner u Kini.

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Opis proizvoda

1. Product Introduction of the Loop saw blade 

We make looping blades for cutting concrete and asphalt. These are used for installation of loop detectors at traffic lights and car parks or for creation of expansion joints in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

2. Product Parameter (Specification) of the Loop saw blade



350mm 6.4/8.0/10.0/12.0 6/8/10
400mm 6.4/8.0/10.0/12.0 6/8/10
450mm 6.4/8.0/10.0/12.0


3. Product Feature And Application of the Loop saw blade 

With the different width and blade diameter, these blades are ideal for slot cutting, traffic loops and other joint widening applications. The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete. This gives a quick start in a controlled manner when applying a new blade. Can be used in green concrete, old concrete, hard concrete and asphalt.

4. Product Details of the Loop saw blade 

BSP tools manufacture provide diameter range of Loop saw blade is from 300-450mm for construction market.

5. Product Qualification of the Loop saw blade 

Our Loop saw blade has ISO:9001 quality certificate

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the Loop saw blade 

The Loop saw blade samples can be sent within one week and bulk order can be finished within 40 days . Shipping by air or sea all is ok. We provide customer minimum 1 years warranty.

7. FAQ

Do you have MOQ?

OEM is 100pcs MOQ, ODM 200PCS MOQ.

What is the package?

BSP TOOLS offer wooden case, color box, white box and brown box for the package for bigger size.

BSP TOOLS offer color box, single blister package and double package for small size diamond blades.

What information you need to provide the price?

Better tell us the power and  RPM of your machine, if you have specific cutting request. 

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